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About Our Life Insurance

We are an established Life Insurance company who provide a range of Life Insurance products to enable you to quickly and easily take care of your life insurance needs. Our Life Insurance cover is provided by one of Scotland’s longest standing Life Insurers, Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited and their products have been designed to allow you to create a ‘package’ tailored specifically for you and to suit your individual needs.

Our Life Insurance range includes simple Life Insurance products with modest sums insured to substantial Life Insurance with whole and term life cover provided as well as criticall illness for many terminal illnesses. All Our Insurance products come with optional covers to help all customers gain an extra measure of security and are designed to provide choice and flexibility.
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Our Life Insurance Cover, Key Facts

  • Substantial cover – from £60,000 up to £750,000 cash benefit for your family
  • Affordable, plans from just £4.00 a month (that’s 15p a day!) for £100,000 of benefit
  • No complicated forms – all cover arranged over the telephone
  • Joint plans available for you, your partner or full family cover
  • You can choose any premium from £4.00 to £74 a month, as long as the cash sum doesn’t
    exceed £25,000
  • Optional Over 50′s Cover, Accidental Death, Total Permanent Disability cover and Critical Illness cover

Secure Your Families Future

  • Ensure You Have Enough Life Insurance For Funerals & Unpaid Bills.
  • Leave Enough Money For Your Loved Ones Who Are Left Behind.
  • Protect Yourself From Price Increases & Inflation.
  • Trust Yourself To Know Your Financial Future Is Secure.

Secure your families future and purchase Life Insurance Cover with optional critical illness cover. Its hard to think about but when a loved one passes away you have enough to think about without having to find the funds for a funeral or for unpaid bills. We can help you before the worst happens
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(£4 per month premium is based on a 50 year old male, non-smoker, with a policy of £100,000 level cover over 25 years)

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