Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Life Insurance?

Its a straightforward and affordable way of helping make sure that your
family and loved ones are financially secure in the event of your death.

What is Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover?

Provides a lump sum of money should the policyholder be diagnosed with
having one of the insurers specified Critical Illnesses during the term of
the policy as well as paying out in the event of being diagnosed with a critical illness OR death.

What is Term Level Cover?

Term Level Cover – Is a cover that will always remain at the agreed sum assured and this is designed if you are looking to protect a family or a salary in the event of illness.

What is Decreasing Cover?

Decreasing Cover – is a cover that decreases over the term of the cover reducing down to nothing this is designed to cover a repayment mortgage.

What are Guaranteed Premiums?

Guaranteed Premiums – A Guaranteed policy is where the insurance company guarantees
never to increase the premium at any time during the policy term.

What are Reviewable Premiums?

Reviewable Premiums – A Reviewable policy is where the insurance company reviews the premiums you are paying regularly and has the right to increase your premium at the review date.